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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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lillian kim talked to the wife of john reiter, who is on mt. everest hoping to continue his journey to the top. >> she said her husband had to think about whether to continue with his pursuit. he decided to keep going but it's not up to him. jon reiter was in the path of the avalanche on friday, between base camp and cam one on a training exercise when the snow and ice came crashing down. his sherpa pushed him behind a ice block, and riot -- reiter survived. the community is in shock. the is it the deadliest disaster on mt. everest, and although reiter wants to continue with his journey he may nod be able to. >> i thought he needed time to just be there and then decide what to do. now if he can he wants to go to the top. it's up certain because the
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sherpa have told the government that they want a list of requirements met before they'll good to the top. they want death benefits for surviving families and retirement and several other things. reporter: whether those demands are met in time i anyone's guest, due to weather conditions. there's a tight window in which attempts to reach the summit can be made. we hoped to talk to jon reiter him over video phone later this evening. developing news out of san leandro tonight. an eight-year-old boy nearly drowned. police and fire kraus are still on the scene at marina park talking to witnesses. details are still unclear. we do know a good samaritan pulled the boy from the water and administered cpr. he was rushed to children's hospital oakland. his condition is unknown. we'll continue to update you on the story on twitter.
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a san francisco police officer escaped serious injury today after being dragged bay suspect's car. this happened in the city's castro district. officers were responding to a suspicious person call around 12:30. the suspect ran and got into his white four-door sedan. an officer was dragged a short distance. the search is ongoing for the suspect and vehicle. the officer refused medical treatment. a man was:and a teen injured in a shooting in fairfield. they were taken to north bay medical center at 10:40 last night. the man didn't survive. the teen was treated for a gunshot to the shoulder. the fairfield daily republic reports this is thing for killing killing in the city this year. three of them in just the last agent days. san jose police are investigating four stabbings that happened just after midnight at the sp2 communal bar and restaurant. all the victims were males in their early 20s. each transported to local hospitals with
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nonlife-threatening injuries. one bar employee told police there was an argument. thousands gathered at golden gate park to celebrate marijuana. the date 4/20 event. last year thousands showed up and caught police offguard. here's how city leaders planned for the day this year. reporter: thousands showed up this year, and because there is not an official person -- this is not a sanctioned event there's in one responsible for cleaning up after them when they leave. the city did put together a plan. they have a full contingent of park rangers here. they're backed up by san francisco police. we know there have already been eight arrests today. some of them felonies. and then when this crowd does dissipate there are volunteers who will start cleaning up after them. if they dope finish tonight there are more volunteers tomorrow morning. this was the massive puff of
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smoke that wafted over golden gate park at 4:20 this afternoon. after the crowd dissipated, that's when this group of 35 volunteers with the green cross medical marijuana dispensary jumped into action. >> started picking up trash and making sure what was reported on last year is not a epete this year. >> this is last year. the city says it costs thousands of dollars and took days to clean up. there were also complaints that 4/20 partyers didn't behave too well in the surrounding neighbors. kevin reed with the green cross says an event sponsor could keep that from happening again. >> people peeing on people's lawns but a there weren't enough restrooms. i'm hoping in the future the city sees the benefit in allowing someone to host an event like this. >> 4/20 day is not a sanctioned event and there's been some question if the city can sign off on a day-long party focused
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on what is technically recreational drug use by many attendees. sanctioned or not, people came here from far and wide to celebrate. >> i liver in california. >> i liver in fresno. >> this day in the sun surrounded by bongs' blunts. >> just have a good time and have something to talk about. >> there were a couple of medical calls. but mostly a laid-back day. >> here's a look at the traffic in the area during the celebration inch a word, bad. it was made worse by the decision to close three streets near the park. that meant there were lots of cars going into the same small space. buses weren't much fun. muni officials say they were filled to the brim. >> a high surf warning in the bay area. large waves from smoke county to monterey county. authorities say there's a greater risk for rip currents
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and sneaker waves. the warning lasts until tomorrow morning, when another change in the weather will be closing in on the bay area. abc7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan has more with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> good evening. live doppler 7hd picking up clear blue skies right now. all around the bay area. but things are going to change tomorrow night into tuesday. we could see some areas of green. we're getting a chance of lying rain coming through the bay area. but today it was just gorgeous. temperatures well before average. still 82 right now in antioch. 65, san francisco. 75, san jose. tomorrow temperatures will take a tumble so be prepared. then we have additional chances of rain, and i'll show you that in the accuweather coming up. >> san francisco police are investigating the cause of rash involving a muni bus this
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morning. it happened here on market and 9th street this morning. you can see the smashed hood of the car and the deployed air bag. the car's driver was taken to the hospital. two passengers complained of head and neck injuriesish track may have been slow on northbound highway 101 this morning. the chp shut opportunity one lane of traffic after a big rig overturned and caught fire. investigators believe the truck's driver fell asleep into the wheel this morning. the driver got himself safely out of the burping -- burning rig. >> there is no explanation after looking at the damage to the vehicle and damage to the sign. it's a miracle. the driver suffered minor injuries and wasn't thered to a local hospital. caltrans had to come out and secure the damaged science. >> pg&e crews are working to restore power to more than 350 santa rosa customers. they've been without power since 11:00 this morning when a
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traffic accident brought down power lines. happened here near mcbride and terry lanes. more than 5800 customer experienced an outage right after the crash. pg&e expects to have power restored by mid-michigan. pg&e officials are scheduled to appear in federal court to face charges in connection with the deadly san brun know pipeline blast in 2010. the explosion and fire killed eight people, hurt dozens of others and destroyed 38 homes. the utility has been charged with 12 violations of federal pipeline safety law carrying a possible fine of $6 million. prosecutors allege pg&e knowingly relied on erroneous and incomplete information when assessing the natural gas pipeline safety. next friday is when recreation areas close because of last summer's fire in yosemite are scheduled to re-open. forest crews have been working to replace signs, barriers, picnic tables, and marking
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recreation area boundaries. several roads and day areas have been closed since august. the rimfire was the third largest wildfire in state history. still ahead at 6:00. we'll show you a new report that suggests green energy laws are being attacked one state at a time. plus, what is being blamed for the deaths of tens of thousands of california bees. a look at what is included in a special easter delivery to the international space station.
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a new report suggests con si sir vacation groups with deep -- conservative groups with deep pockets are attacking green energy laws. the "los angeles times" reports the coke brothers and other groups have paid powerful political organizations to help roll back legislation that favors green energy inch dozens of states they're focusing on two main policies. one requires utilities to get a certain amount of power from renewable resources and the other allows consumers with solar panels to sell electricity back to the grid. beekeepers in the san joaquin valley are trying to figure out what is killing tens of thousands of bills. recently 80,000 bees either did
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or became ill. beekeep ees believe pesticides might be to blame, which are applied early in the day when bees are foraging. up next at 6:00, is there a change in the weather? meteorologist frances dinglasan is up next with the forecast. >> the a's continue their winning ways, sweeping the astros, with the best record in the american league. the josh donald show. playing like
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a bunny delivering special treats to the international space station for easter. it was a dragon. this dragn here, the name for space x's cargo ship that chased the pay station for two days. astronauts used a robot arm to capture the capsule 260 miles above egypt. inside more than two tons of food, space walking gear, a little veggie hot house and care packages from the families of the six astronauts onboard. back here on earth, check on our weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan. hi. >> good evening, once again, live doppler 7hd picking up clear skies around the bay area. things are changing 'by tomorrow night we could see light rain. i want to show you the beautiful view. a perfect beach day in santa cruz. the high was 74. things are starting to cool down
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but the numbers warm. above average in many locations, redwood city, 80. san jose, 75. gilroy, 82. but cooler in half moon bay at 59. and as we look from mt. tam we're looking south towards san francisco here. it looks a little hazy but it's been very comfortable and very warm in many locationsment santa rosa, 76. napa, petaluma. and this tim from sutro looking north towards the golden gate bridge, a lot of clear skies and it's going to be mostly clear tonight. cloudy and cooler tomorrow, so that's quite a change. with a chance of rain late monday night, into tuesday. so, get ready for that. i'll show you the timing. the pacific satellite image show an area of low pressure. the tail end of this cold front will sweep past the bay area monday night, into tuesday. the forecast animation shows a
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chance of lying rain but look -- light rain but mainly overnight. tomorrow night, 9:00, a lot of cloud cover but the light rain is mainly north. cloverdale and that area. and then kind of passes through overnight. we could see better chanceses of rain around 1:00 tuesday morning, isolated showers possible, and then clears through by tuesday, around 5:00. so, just keep that in mind. looks like the timing well be pretty good if win wants to do outdoctor activities. high surf advisory in effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning, and check out the swells. right now, 14 feet at bodega bay and monterey bay so be careful if you're headed to the coast. overnight lows on the cool side. upper 40s to near 50. 51 in richmond. 50, oakland. 50, fremont. tomorrow, temperatures will take a tumble so, for example, today, san jose, a high of 80. tomorrow, closer to normal at
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70. 61 in san francisco. partly cloudy conditions around the bay, with 72 in concord and 74 in antioch. also, if you're headed to the game, coliseum, mainly cloudy, and cool. temperature thursday mid-50s so have a jacket handy, but rain-free for the game. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, we have temperatures coming down, increasing clouds tomorrow with a chance very late at night, overnight, into tuesday morning, windy conditions, cool canner numbers on -- cooler numbers on tuesday, then we have self chances of rain by the end of the week, into next weekend. >> thank you so much. >> shu is here with sports. who has it better than the a's? >> nobody. the a's swept the astros, and
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chavez got his first win, giving oakland the best record in the american league. it was a win-win situation thanks in part to josh donaldson. astros, pretty in outfielder, watch stewart springer rob coco crisp. just lows out. thievery. great play. donaldson had himself a day. jd crushes one over the left field wall. fourth. gives oakland the 2-0 lead. jesse chavez finally picks up his first win. mows down the side in the fifth. donaldson, 3-hit, 3-rbi day. a's sweep the astros with the victory. 13-5, the best record in the american league. >> we're going to be playing -- a pretty good team, and guys are doing their part day in and day out.
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>> giants trying to end a three-game slide in san diego. tim lincecum on the mound and got some help. top two, bases loaded for pagan. he rips one to right center. a couple of brandons score. last hit of the day for g-men. bases loaded. headley rips a double. former cal bear xavier nady called save safe at home. bruce bochy challenges the call and after replay, he's called out. that is the difference. time, seven ks. first win of the season with the giants' victory. nba. warriors lead the clippers 1-0 with yesterday's victory, but today, the nba's league office said referees missed a foul call on chris paul with 19 seconds left. could have tied the game and changed the outcome. 18.9 seconds left.
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warriors up two. chris paul lost the ball out of bounds. rod thorne, president of the nba basketball operations, said draymond green should have been whistled for the foul. nothing lost or gamed but the nba is admitting their error. greg popovich looking to get back to the finals. starts with dallas. er is quick -- parker is quick. then leonard, off the turnover. where is the defense? he had 11. off the offbalance layup. san antonio held the mavs to one field goal in the last seven minutes. duncan led the spurs with 27. spurs win 90-85. during the game, craig sagger, jr., filled in for his father, craig, sr., who is bass battling
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leukemia. >> you did a great job but i'd rather have your dad standing here. you're great. we miss you. you're doing a great job. we wanture fanny back on the court and i promise i'll be nice. get back here. >> king james and the heat begin thy quest to defend their title. -s posterizes chris birdman anderson. bobcats down five. lebron and company pull away. lebron, 27 in route to a 99-88 victory. final round of the rbc heritage in hiltonhead, south carolina. matt kuchar, four shots off the lead. drops in his seventh birdie. after this bogey on 17th. he is in a tie with donald. it's going right at it. just misses. matt kuchar wins his seventh
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career pga tournament on eastster sunday. this abc7 sports report brought you by orchard supply hardware. >> coming up at 6:00, johnny depp returns to the big screen in a sci-fi thriller.
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join my tonight at 9:00 on kofy cable tv 13. nasa is helping california teachers bring a better
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understanding of science to their classroom. >> then at 11:00, the guidelines that could affect your child's next visit to the emergency room and how a pay area researcher is playing major role in keeping your child safe. captain america continues to dominate the box office. the marvel product, owned by our parent company disney, has now topped 200 million tuesday. the 12th marver comics film to reach the mark in the u.s. captain america earned 26 million tuesday this weekend in second place, rio 2, heaven is for real was their this easter weekend with 21 million. transcendens in fourth place, and haunted house 2 was fifth. it brought in $9 million. >> that will do it for abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz, for frances
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dinglasan, mike shumann, thank you for joining us, abc news continues online, twister, facebook, a
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right now, johnny depp's experiences transcended. going back and furniture shopping fun with an hgtv star. >> a couch. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. welcome to on the red carpet. one of the most extraordinary furniture stores in all of los angeles. i'm rachel smith. for anyone who loves watching home makeover shows, like me, this place is a dream come true. one of the stars of hgtv is going to take us all through this place. but before we do that,


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